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Amplifier simulator demos

14 amp sim demos are available, all recorded by Simon Chenu, excellent musician and guitar teacher.

I will add these sound demos as they are ready.

These demos are extracts from famous songs, as well as two short tunes created by Simon in Blues and Metal genres.
Song list:

ACDC - Back in black
Chic - Le freak
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven (solo)
Metallica - Enter sandman
Niagara - J'ai vu
Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
Oasis - Wonderwall
Pink Floyd - Time (solo)
Simon's Blues - Simon Chenu
Simon's Metal - Simon Chenu
The Animals - House of the rising sun
The Doobie Brothers - Long train running
The White Stripe - Seven nation army

Each extract was recorded twice, with three different guitars:
Les Paul (brand: SR Guitar)
Stratocaster American Deluxe (brand: Fender)
Telecaster Deluxe (brand: Fender).

By clicking on the "settings" of each demo, you will get access to a detailed description of the impulses used and the stereo panning. Also, with each simulator tested, you can download the preset file containing the settings I've used. You may of course use them as they are or edit them to your liking!

All extracts are not yet available for each of the amp sims but eventually, the aim is to have all extracts available for all amp sims tested here. As this is very time consuming, it will take me some time to complete this project.

Thanks Simon!

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Niagara demo of the JCM 800 HOT from Mercuriall

"J'ai vu" (I saw) from the French band Niagara, played by Simon Chenu for these site's amp sim tests.
This video presents the JCM 800 HOT amplifier simulator from Mercuriall.

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Dr Bonkers
03/26/2017, 19h06

Hi, If you are looking for guitar cab and bass cab impulse response (IR) files, you might want to check out my site. I am always adding new guitar cabinet or bass cabinet ir's usually on a weekly or monthly basis in both Fractal Audio & Wav file formats. Currently I have the following for sale:
Ampeg B-15
Aguillar DB810
SVT 8X10
SWR Super Redhead
Norlin Gibson Moog Lab Series L5
1959 Valco Supro 1606 branded as Oahu Publishing Co of Cleveland Ohio 1X6
Sound samples may be found in the Samples tab of my site, which is Google translate compatable.
If you have any quesions tht the site does not answer, please feel free to contact me.
Dr. B

03/01/2017, 20h22

Best guitar sim for clean? Not many out there with a clean focus.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the free sims, I'd say the best for clean sounds are the Ignite Amps sims. All of them can handle clean sounds: NRR1, Anvil and even Emissary.
Lepou's sims are also able to produce nice clean sounds, like LE456, Hybrit or Lecto.
Don't forget that free amp sims are usually simulating only the head part of an actual amp. You will need to add an impulse loader (such as Lepou's Lecab 2 or Ignite Amp's NadIR), and load impulses into them. The choice of the impulse will have a huge impact on the sound quality.

Commercial amp sims all have the ability to handle many types of sound. Amplitube, TH3, Revalver, S-Gear 2 can be recommended, although they can be expensive. Among the simplest (and less versatile) commercial sims, you can try Vermillion from Kuassa, which can produce nice clean sounds as well, and will include the impulses as well.

02/10/2017, 22h25

Il faut préciser que le mastering ce n'est pas aussi simple a realiser
De plus en utilisant juste un compresseur multibande et un limiteur on aura pas un bon son
ton audio final a plein de fréquences genante tu pourrait améliorer en commençant avec un Eq en tete , ensuite tu met un truc pour elargir la stereo, ensuite un compresseur stereo...
Ce serait un bon début
Je vais télécharger le mix final et te le renvoyer apres ajout de ces éléments et tu verras
En tout cas bravo pour le tuto , c'est un bon début
par contre je n'utilise plus de compresseur multibande car c'est trop dragstique, un EQ fait tres bien le job suivit d'un compresseur stereo

02/04/2017, 21h54

Thank you very much!!!

01/31/2017, 16h42

Hi Grebz,
Je voulais te remercier pour ton attention sur Audiofanzine Poste 111 pour le troisième vote.
Par contre tu n'as pas de compte SoundCloud ?
Bonne Zic et A+

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

De rien ! J'ai un compte SoundCloud dont je ne me sers quasiment jamais. Mon propre site m'occupe déjà bien assez :-)

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