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The spell

Beyond time

Reaching the sun

No return trip

Light speed

Fierce warriors

Dogs of war


The magic sword

Going somewhere (for her)

Around the fire

Run to death

Strange little planet

I composed these tunes between 1989 and 1992. The sound quality isn't up to today's standards because I originally made the recordings on an audio tape before transferring them into a computer more than 15 years later.

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The reason I started composing on the Amiga at the time (a computer I had bought mainly for video games) is that after playing numerous great games, I received a new piece of software that changed my priorities. This piece of software was Aegis Sonix.

Aegis Sonix

Sonix means "Sound". The Commodore 64 helped me open my ears and start listening to music thanks to its incredible capabilities and the Amiga pushed me towards composing music. Sonix was a music composition program, simple to use and very efficient. It was not a sampler. By the way, I regret not to have taken interest in the numerous samplers that existed on the Amiga, but I must confess I did not really understand what they were for at the time. Pity, but well, I caught up with that later...

Aegis Sonix

Sonix's main window displayed a music score. The Amiga could produce 4 sounds simultaneously, and you had to deal with it. That was one voice more than what the Commodore 64 could offer. The sound quality was even higher. The Atari ST on the other hand, although it was part of a new computer generation offered a sound quality inferior to that of the Commodore 64. The Atari's sound chip was identical to that of the Amstrad CPC, which was not really good...

Aegis Sonix

So Sonix would allow to select a different instrument for each of the Amiga voices, and even better, it was possible to change the instrument anywhere in the score. One voice could then be given a different instrument for each note, very easily. I had many instrument sounds, but they were all pretty synthetic. I was not lucky enough to own digitized instruments. There were such instruments, but I never could get them, and they were way too expensive for me to buy them, so I just dealt with what I had.

Aegis Sonix

And then I composed a lot of musics. I still have some of them, with a few good ideas and moments, but my musical knowledge was rather rudimentary. I still listen to these musics with a sense of nostalgia, but I can understand that other people might not really enjoy them. Nevertheless, you can listen to them on this page and you may even find that amusing!!! Maybe you'll like some of them...

Commodore Amiga 500

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